Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority


We’re growing at BRHA!

Mary St Gardens 2In 2015, ASD assisted Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority with the creation of Rice Terrace Community Gardens.  They provided rich soil for the raised garden beds, critter fencing, tools, seeds, plants and education.  We currently have 5 resident gardeners participating.  Each have 2 beds with one bed being a community strawberry patch that the gardeners tend together.   They also share care-taking responsibilities for the 3 blueberry bushes ASD provided this year.Mary St Gardens 1

In our monthly meetings, we work hands on with the plants, learning proper use of organic products to assist with pests and disease, feeding, soil enrichment, correct watering techniques as well as plant do’s and don’ts  for optimum health and fruit production.   The excitement the gardeners experience is evident in their dedication to learning and working tirelessly to create and maintain healthy, beautiful gardens.  They are learning that the joy is not only in the harvest, but in the journey that brings harvest.