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Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Family Self-Sufficiency

Find-a-Way Program

Since 2006, the Find a Way program has helped many BRHA residents to break the cycle of dependency.  They have set their own goals and worked to make a better life for themselves and for their children.  Many participants want to own their own home.  Some want to move and be in a better position to support their family. Others want to go to school and receive the education and training needed to go into a career with a bright future.

The Find a Way Program is a voluntary self-sufficiency program that helps families and individuals to become independent.  This program is available to any BRHA resident who is ready to improve their lives and find a better way of life.  Those residents who are motivated to make a change will receive help with jobs, jobs skills training and financial training.  Through partnerships in our community, connections are made with programs and agencies that will help to provide the education and training needed for our participants to qualify for the jobs that are available today. They will also learn about childcare, transportation, budgeting, establishing bank accounts, homemaking skills, job interview skills and resume writing.  Many activities and programs are held here in the Find a Way office.

Once a participant has started on their journey to self-sufficiency, they may find they have had a rent increase due to the money they have earned from their job.  At that point an escrow account is established for them.  The difference in a participant’s old and new rent goes into their escrow account.  Every month when they pay their rent, that amount of money is deposited into their escrow account.  As they continue to have an increase in their rent due to money they earn, their escrow account will increase as well.  Participants have graduated from the Find a Way program with as little as $3500.00 and as much as $20,000.00.  The amount of escrow money is only limited by how much a participant is willing to work.  This money can be used to purchase a home, a car, more education or anything that the participant has been working toward. (See profiles of two of our successful Find-a-Way residents:  Donna & Mark.)

The Find a Way program offers encouragement and support to those who are looking to make a better life for themselves and show a new life to their children.  For more information about how you can begin your journey to a brighter future call:

Lynn Pannell – 276-821-6270
or come by the Find a Way office:
600 W. Mary Street
Bristol, VA  24201