Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Elderly / Disabled Services

Find-a-Way Plus Program

The goal of the Find-a -Way Plus (“FAW Plus”) program is to help seniors and disabled residents of Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority to live a self-sufficient life.  Through the FAW Plus program residents will improve their living conditions by receiving enhanced services and activities that will enable them to maintain their independence for as long as possible.  BRHA is committed to providing participants access to services and activities that will enrich their lives and allow them to attain a higher standard of living.

Raised bed gardening

Raised bed gardening

Contact will be made with partnering agencies to provide services needed for participants based on their Plan.  Services can include, but will not be limited to:  independent living, life skill training, motivation training, credit counseling, positive leisure-time pursuits, job placement (for those capable of working), links to employers, continued counseling & case management.

Participants for the FAW Plus program must be residents of BRHA, considered “elderly” being, at least, 62 years of age or have a diagnosed disability.  Participants may also receive or have applied to receive their disability benefits.

Referrals to the FAW Plus program may come from the resident themselves or from management of BRHA.  Family and friends of qualified residents may also make referrals to the Resident Services Coordinator.  Community agencies may also make referrals to the FAW Plus program.

If we can be of service to you, or if you have questions, please contact our Elderly Service Coordinator as indicated below.


Vickie Green – (276) 821-6269
or come by her office at
Stant Hall Apartments Resident Lounge
325 Edmond Street, Suite 3, Bristol, VA 24201