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What Is an EnVision Center? Learn How We Can Help

Learn how the EnVision Center serves our community by promoting and connecting critical resources and programs with our community partners.

EnVision Center Story

The EnVision Center began as an idea from former HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson.  This project would be able to address various issues that were vital in each community where an EnVision Center was designated.  So, each EnVision Center is different – offering different programs and services, based on the needs of the individual communities.  Here in Bristol, our EnVision Center has become the hub of our community in addressing housing needs and supporting those who are working to become stable and self-sufficient.  We have partnered with strong agencies in our community to broaden the services that are offered through resource referrals and on-site programs.

Even though the EnVision Center is on the property of Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority and serves BRHA residents, it also serves people in the communities of Bristol, VA and TN.  This provides unique service opportunities for the EnVision Center.  State specific funding usually limits the audience served but the EnVision Center is open to all and serves everyone.  BRHA residents are also able to access two self-sufficiency programs offered through the EnVision Center. 

The United Way of Bristol, TN/VA, the City of Bristol, VA, Mt. Roger’s Adult Education, Highlands Community Services, Ballad Health, The Table, People, Inc., BRHA and others are active partners and regularly offer services at the EnVision Center. This is a place where the needs of clients are assessed and met.  Staff are available to assist people in applying for housing as well as accessing help with back rent when they have been affected by COVID.  They also find educational opportunities and support in finding jobs and getting ready to join the workforce.  GED, Recovery Groups and a father’s group meets regularly each week.  If services are not readily available at the EnVision Center, staff will be available to help connect people to additional community partners who can provide whatever support may be needed. 

The EnVision Center has been a central spot for children’s activities as well as parent/teacher conferences from the local elementary schools.  The space has also been used for trainings and educational opportunities that benefit professionals in the community as well as fun activities for groups. Partnering agencies can organize and sponsor activities that could be available to people of all ages.  They may also use office space to meet with clients on-site. 

The EnVision Center staff are eager to help and support the community.  As clients work to become their best self, they can find help, support, and direction at the EnVision Center.  We believe that people want to achieve a higher standard of living than what they currently have.  The EnVision Center is honored to help people along their journey.  Bristol is a wonderful place to live, and the EnVision Center is a vital part of that.  For more information about programs already offered or to partner with the EnVision Center, please call:  276-821-3080.