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Rent & Mortgage Relief Program (RMRP) Updates

Attention Landlords: Big changes are in store for RMRP, so please read carefully!


New US Treasury Guidance on ERA funds effective Monday, February 1, 2021:

Virginia has received its allocation of the Emergency Rental Assistance funds from the U.S. Treasury. A few program changes will impact the review of applications:

  • Most importantly, the current month’s plus the past two months’ of income documentation (total of three months) are now required for all new applications and amendments. You will receive requests for additional income documentation on applications that are currently under review.
  • HUD’s definition of annual income (24 CFR 5.609 Annual Income) will be used when reviewing applications for eligibility. You can find that definition here.
  • We will continue to annualize current monthly income to determine eligibility.
  • Income must be re-verified every three months during the amendment process.

A revised application will be available February 15, 2021.

Guidance released January 19, 2021, from the U.S. Treasury requires updates to the RMRP application and review process. Please begin using the revised application PDF on our website and in GMS on February 15, 2021. More guidance from Treasury is expected, and as it is released, we will continue to evaluate if program changes are needed.

  • Current application deadline in GMS has been changed accordingly.

Households receiving rental assistance (e.g. Sect. 8, HCV, USDA RD, Public Housing)

  • Eligible for the tenant portion of arrears only.
  • Documentation of an interim recertification is no longer required at initial application.
  • If additional requests for RMRP funds are needed, they can be managed via the amendment process, and documentation of an interim recertification will be required.

Current application deadline has been extended to Monday, March 1, 2021. As additional guidance from the U.S. Treasury is released, we’ll continue to evaluate if program changes are needed prior to releasing a new application.

February rent is now available.

  • If you’ve already submitted an application, you’ll be able to request February rent through the contract amendment process. Please be patient. We’ll work quickly to review applications so you can move forward with a contract amendment. Remember to reference the User Guide (page 15 explains how to submit a contract amendment).
  • If you’re still working on an application or haven’t started yet, make sure to include February rent if the tenant is eligible.

Thank you for your continued efforts. We are working hard to process all of the requests in a timely manner. Your support in submitting complete, accurate applications helps! We’ll be providing additional information next week to assist you with managing RMRP for your tenants.

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