Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

BRHA Working on Increasing Efficiency for Unit Turnarounds

Unit turnaround (UTA) time is always a challenge for property managers.  It is the amount of time that passes from “key to key” which means the clock starts ticking when a resident returns their keys at the end of their lease and stops when a new resident takes possession of the unit by receiving the keys.  Of course, theoretically, the time begins being counted the moment an owner takes legal possession of the unit, but this is normally when the keys are exchanged.

Unit turnaround involves several stages, including inspections, maintenance work orders, painting, cleaning, and leasing.  It requires good communication and collaboration to keep things moving.  Why is it so important?  Because everyday it is empty, is a day that a family cannot be housed.  Our mission is dependent upon providing housing to those in need and to serving the families on our waiting lists.

Maintenance and Housing Management Staff working together as a Team contributes to our success!

BRHA is committed to minimizing its unit turnaround time but also to improving efficiencies within the process as this will result in a better product and better customer efficiency.  To accomplish this, we have developed a unit turnaround team that meets regularly to discuss progress and work together.  We are also using a newly modified vacancy tracking log.  Success is truly dependent upon this type of teamwork.

Our turnaround time is averaging 15 days for the current fiscal year.  Go BRHA!

Here, our Maintenance Staff doing timely routine repairs and upgrades that significantly contribute to our success with Unit Turnaround times.

Frank (BRHA Mechanic)
Brennan (BRHA Laborer)
Charlie (BRHA Lead Mechanic)
Joey (BRHA Mechanic Aide)