Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol families still in need of affordable housing

Today over 30 families showed up for BRHA’s latest orientation workshop for the Housing Choice Voucher program. “It was all hands on deck to get folks registered for the workshop,” said VP of Operations, Diana Carter. “Normally fewer than half of those invited to an HCV orientation actually show up, but today almost everybody came. We had to bring in extra chairs to seat everyone in the training room.”


The HVC orientation workshop provides applicants with an overview of the program and their responsibilities if they are eventually approved as participants.  “Following the orientation we verify their income and other qualifying information that the applicants have provided. As soon as that is completed they can be issued a voucher and start looking for a rental unit in the private market,” Carter added.

Voucher holders have 60 days to find a unit and bring the needed unit and landlord documentation back. BRHA then coordinates with the private landlord to inspect the unit, assures that the landord’s proposed lease and rental amount are appropriate, and finalizes a Housing Assistance Payment contract between the landlord and BRHA.

“There is great need out there among lower income families for affordable housing. We are lucky that we recently received some additional HCV funding authority so that we can serve some more families,” said Carter.  “Now, if they can find some rental units that qualify…”

See our website here if you would like more information about our Housing Choice Voucher program.