Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority celebrates 75 years of helping residents, community succeed

Hers is one of many success stories for the Find a Way program, said Executive Director David Baldwin.

“She was one of the first to graduate from the Find A Way program, get her education through the program, buy a house and get a new job through the program,” Baldwin said. “We’ve had several since who have also been successful through the program and others who make it through part of the way and move on.”

Baldwin calls that program one of the authority’s greatest accomplishments in 75 years.

“Our Find A Way program, we’ve really been able to help our residents create a plan and encourage them and stay at it with them. A lot of times folks who have had difficulties in their lives don’t have the sense they can move forward,” Baldwin said.

But the organization’s primary focus is providing a residence for those otherwise unable to afford one.

“The Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority has done many positive things for Bristol during our 75-year history — from removing blight to creating economic development opportunities — from building apartment complexes to providing education and training opportunities to give folks a leg up on life,” Baldwin said. “However, the most fundamental thing we have done for our city for three-quarters of a century is to provide a place to call home for thousands of families who cannot compete in the private housing market.”