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Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to raise awareness of and reduce the stigma surrounding behavioral health issues. This makes May a wonderful time to remind everyone of our on-site counseling services. The EnVision Center has partnered with Emma Brewster from Haven of Rest to make seeing a counselor easy for everyone. Emma sees clients one day a week, in her office at our EnVision Center. Her services are free to the community.

Seeing a counselor can help you process many common, yet difficult things in life, including: 

  • Wanting to better yourself or your life
  • Managing your anxiety or depression
  • Feeling like you’re overwhelmed
  • Dealing with a serious life change or transition
  • Navigating relationship issues
  • Getting through a crisis
  • Learning how to deal with aggressive people 
  • Learning how to manage anger issues
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Working through difficult or stressful family dynamics
  • Overcoming or managing substance abuse and addiction
  • Learning how to deal with difficult or toxic people
  • Substance abuse like drinking too much or doing drugs
  • Eating disorders
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Take a look at some statistics regarding mental health:

  • 21% of adults are experiencing at least one mental illness, that’s roughly 50 million people.
  • 55% of adults with a mental illness have not received any treatment.
  • 5.44% of adults experience severe mental illness. 
  • Over 12.1 million adults (4.8%) have reported serious thoughts of suicide. This figure more than doubles when surveying adults who identify as two or more races.

Know that seeking a counselor is a sign of courage and strength. Call 276-821-3080 for your free appointment.