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Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Partner Spotlight – Operation Hope Credit Counseling

FREE Credit Counseling with Operation Hope

Operation Hope offers FREE Credit Counseling the fist Thursday of every month at the BRHA EnVision Center. You can join focused group sessions to learn more about building credit, or sign up for one-on-one, private counseling sessions. Sarah Williams, Hope Credit Counselor comes spent many years in the banking industry before giving her time to help others create a better life for themselves. Her approach is compassionate and knowledgeable.

During these sessions you will learn to:

  1. Develop a Positive Money Mindset
  2. Grow a Healthy Savings Account
  3. Eliminate Debt
  4. Pay Your Bills On Time
  5. Create a Budget and Stick To It

Book your session today by calling or emailing Sarah Williams, (423) 764-2226 /