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Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Leaders Meet As Part of Homeless Coalition

by WCYB Monday, May 23rd 2022

<p>Bristol leaders met Monday as part of a homeless coalition. (WCYB photo){/p}

Bristol leaders met May 23 as part of a homeless coalition.

The meeting was made up of different aspects of the community, including business leaders, elected officials, educators, the faith community, first responders, health care workers, social service providers, and non-profits.

Those groups are in addition to shelters working to serve the homeless shelters that serve the region.

Leaders across Tennessee have been working to address the problem of homelessness as a new state law will take effect, making it illegal to camp on public property.

BRHA looks forward to continuing to work with the homeless coalition to develop solutions for housing in our community, including services for the homeless (or the “unhoused”).

Can You See Me?
People walk by me while I'm filled with pain.
I've been running so long to find an escape from the literal and figurative 
Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you.
But do you see me?
I see how you read me,
Naked hatred and fears.
When I leave this worldly sphere,
There will be no shedding of tears.
You may not realize that you erased me.
You walk past me fast with fear and disgust, so me you can't see.
It haunts me, how you will remember me.
The world watched me die only to be remembered in a lie.
Cruelty and disinterest is my sad reward.
Watch the fear and hate when I move forward.
Living unhoused is not free.
24/7 work on survival and trauma plagues me.
How will you accept me?
This is and has not been for me the land of the free.
That thought stays with me,
Until I go to my grave, this will still haunt me,

                            Theo Henderson