Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Public Notice 8/6/21

Public Notice Issued August 6, 2021

The Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority (“BRHA”) is looking to purchase Public Housing Authority software to manage and support all functions of its current and future operations, including the new designation as an MTW Cohort 1 agency.  All data areas must be customizable to adhere to future use of MTW waivers and future local, non-traditional programs created under the MTW designation.

The software must provide the following minimal functional components:

  • Cloud Based
    • Able to support at least 50 user logins with SSO (Single Sign On) across applications
    • Application / Tenant / Landlord portals with full integration and administration
    • Mobile applications available for work orders and meter readings
    • Executive and management dashboards
  • Financial Applications
    • General Ledger with full support for Fund based accounting and budgeting
    • Inter-funding and support for multiple bank accounts
    • Procurement with full workflow from requisition to invoicing
    • Capital Fund and grant management (federal/state/local)
    • Fixed asset and consumable inventory management
    • HUD VMS (Voucher Management System) reporting and/or integration
    • HUD FDS (Financial Data Schedule) coding and reporting
    • Integrated electronic document management
    • Customizable reporting with Cash and Accrual basis capabilities
  • Housing Applications
    • Applicant waiting list management (multiple lists and entities)
    • PH, LIHTC and market rent management/processing/reporting
    • Utility tracking and management with billing capabilities
    • Fully integrated workorder system with mobile app
    • Section 8 HCV, MS5, EHV tenant and landlord processing
    • Rent reasonableness
    • Voucher Portability
    • Creation and submission of 50058 to PIC, PIC-NG
    • Tenant Accounts Receivable processing, management, tracking and reporting
    • Repayment agreements and collections reporting
    • HQS and UPCS inspections management and reporting with mobile app
    • Electronic signatures and documents
    • Tenant correspondence generation with email capability
    • Full FSS program management
  • Conversion and Training
    • Proven track record of successful data conversion, including testing and validation, of all current information as well as historical data (agreed upon look-back).
    • Full support and training on initial settings, mappings, users, roles and basic reporting
    • End-user, intermediate, technical and administrative level training sufficient for full PHA independent operation.

Please submit quotes via email to Ray Austin ( by 12:00pm EST on Friday, August 13, 2021.