Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

United Way of TN/VA Bristol Gives Back to Our Community

United Way of Bristol TN/VA works with businesses, faith-based organizations, local government, the nonprofit sector, along with many other community groups to build the infrastructure needed to proactively tackle the biggest challenges that face our community. 

Last year, valuable services from the United Way and her partnering agencies were accessed over 29,000 times. Together they work to continue to address immediate needs as well as long-term challenges that affect the education, income, basic needs, and health outcomes across our community. The United Way is also an important partner with BRHA and the EnVision Center. This important partnership works to serve residents and community members as well with services and referrals to help folks in their efforts to gain stability and thrive.

In the last three months, the United Way of Bristol has served almost 1,000 families in Bristol TN and Bristol VA with emergency food assistance at pop-up food distribution sites. The pandemic has increased food insecurity for many friends and neighbors. The United Way cares about people who have needs and works to meet each need.

United Way of Bristol TN/VA has been a vital part of our community for more than 79 years. Here at BRHA we are happy to partner with the United Way to serve those in our community who need support. 

The need in our community is at critical levels. Please consider making your donation TODAY!


Lorie Bradley

Director of Community Outreach

United Way of Bristol