Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

“Goodie Bags” for BRHA Residents

Anthem Healthkeepers Plus continues to be a valuable partner to BRHA.  They recently donated “Goodie Bags” for many of our residents. They donated bags, puzzle books and hand sanitizer for our residents who are older and have limitations. This is such a blessing to our residents!! 

Highlands Fellowship and the Community Health Workers from Ballad Health donated masks for our residents as well.  These masks went in the bags for our residents.  This is an excellent example of our community coming together to help those who may be at risk. We were able to include information about the COVID 19 virus and how best to guard against catching and spreading the virus.  These “Goodie Bags” went to our residents at Jones Manor and Stant Hall initially.  These residents live in close proximity to each other and have a greater chance of exposure to COVID-19. 

We have also shared these bags with those residents who are older and at great risk. We are so thankful for Anthem Healthkeepers Plus for caring about our residents.  They have been a valuable partner now for several years and we appreciate them so much.  We also appreciate our newer partners who care about us and our community. 

If you did not receive a “Goodie Bag” and feel that you would like to have one, please call Resident Services at  276-821-6270. 

BRHA Resident Services staff, Ms. Tracy (l) & Ms. Vickie (r), are seen here assisting with filling “Goodie Bags” for BRHA residents.