Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Rent Calculation Training Coming Soon!!

What:      Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Rent Calculation Training

Where:    Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority, 809 Edmond Street, Bristol, VA 24201

Trainer:   Annie Stevenson with Nan McKay and Associates

When:      October 10-12, 2018


Exam is completely optional!!  Reduced Rate!!


October 10 – 12, 2018


Special-Reduced Pricing:  Class Only: $700  ~  Both Class and Exam: $850

To Register, Visit the Nan McKay website here:

BRHA, 809 Edmond Street, Bristol, Virginia 24201-4385, Ph. (276) 821-6251


The purpose of this training is to teach rent calculation for both the public housing and housing choice voucher programs. The seminar has been carefully structured for combination areas to be trained together. This is possible because both programs use essentially the same rules leading up to the final rent calculation.


Upon completion of HCV & Public Housing Rent Calculation, you will understand what is included in and excluded from annual income, how to identify and calculate income from assets, recognize and apply deductions to calculate adjusted income, and calculate total tenant payment (TTP). For those who work in the HCV program, you will also calculate the family share and housing assistance payment (HAP). For those working in the public housing program, you will calculate tenant rent and understand flat rents.

Day One

  • Read and interpret form HUD-50058 and its accompanying instructions
  • Identify and calculate annual income using 24 CFR part 5, which is universal to all HUD programs
  • Recognize the qualifiers for the earned income disallowance (EID), identify the exclusion periods, and calculate the disallowance
  • Identify assets and calculate income from assets based on 24 CFR part 5

Day Two

  • Calculate adjusted income by correctly applying the HUD-defined allowances and expenses that are universal to both programs
  • Recognize the requirements for verification of income, allowances, and expenses which are identical for both programs
  • Calculate the HAP and family share for an HCV family using the payment standard, utility allowance, and gross rent

Day Three

  • Apply rent calculation skills to solve hands-on case studies
  • Case studies can be completed for HCV (using section 12 of the 50058 form) public housing (using section 10 of the 50058 form) or both


For more information, visit the Nan McKay website here.