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PHAs Required to Have Smoke-Free Policies in Place by July 31

Public housing agencies (PHAs) were required to implement smoke-free policies by July 31. A final rule published on December 5, 2016, required PHAs to design and implement policies prohibiting the use of specific tobacco products (see Memo12/5/16).

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The no-smoking policy applies to all public housing units, interior areas (including but not limited to hallways, rental and administrative offices, community centers, day care centers, laundry centers, and similar locations), and outdoor areas within 25 feet of public housing and administrative office buildings (collectively, referred to as “restricted areas”).

Owners of private, HUD-assisted multifamily properties are not required to have smoke-free policies, but HUD published Notice 2010-21 in 2010 encouraging such property owners to voluntarily implement smoke-free policies.

The National Housing Law Project has a one-page summary of the smoke-free rule at:

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