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Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

New Study Estimates $111 Billion in Avoidable Healthcare Costs Due to Unstable Housing

When it comes to housing and health, the societal cost of doing nothing is far above the cost of doing something. That’s according to new research from Children’s HealthWatch, which found that unstable housing for children and families will result in $111 billion of avoidable healthcare costs over the next ten years.

What are these costs? Emergency room visits, medications, and mental health treatments are just some examples that are amplified when mothers and children don’t have access to safe, secure, and affordable homes. Many healthcare practitioners now advocate for housing as a vaccine against avoidable health issues. Housers should likewise understand how quality homes build healthy communities. That’s why Housing Virginia hosted the state’s first-ever summit on housing and health in Richmond earlier this month.

Click here to see presentations and photos from that event. And if you’re interested in advancing the connection between housing and health in your locality, get in touch—Housing Virginia will help make that happen.

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