Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Tell Congress To Support Affordable Homes

Sign Multi-Sector Letter to Congress Calling for Safe, Stable, and Affordable Homes

Tell Congress to protect and expand affordable housing. By signing this letter to Congress, you will let your elected officials know that a new broad-base of stakeholders beyond the affordable housing field calls on Congress to support safe, stable, affordable homes.

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign seeks to achieve four policy goals:

  1. Bridge the gap between rents and incomes for low income households through rental assistance;
  2. Provide aid to people experiencing job losses, serious illness, or other economic shocks to avert housing instability or homelessness;
  3. Increase the affordable housing stock for low income renters; and
  4. Defend existing rental assistance and other targeted housing resources from harmful cuts.

Safe, decent, and affordable homes impact us all. Students do better. Patients are healthier. People can more readily escape poverty and homelessness. The economy is more productiveVeterans thrive in the communities they swore to defend. The formerly incarcerated can rebuild their lives. And our nation is more just and fair.

If you work in the housing sector, help us to recruit new voices. Tell colleagues, partners, and friends in other sectors (i.e., education, health, anti-poverty, criminal justice, veterans, etc.) about the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign.

The broader the movement, the better our chances of achieving real policy change. Please sign the Opportunity Starts at Home letter to Congress today.


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