Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Celebrate This #1

This begins our Celebrate This! series that will appear over the next several months, providing glimpses into the incremental success experienced by BRHA and its Residents.

Celebrate This!

Participants in our Find-a-Way program celebrate success as they work their way toward self-sufficiency.

  • Maggie has been working hard for two years now…her escrow account has grown and she is looking at a mobile home to purchase.  Soon she will have a home for her daughter with a VERY small mortgage.
  • Constance was incredibly proud to watch her daughter, Consuelo, graduate from Virginia High School this year.  Now, she and her daughter will be going to college.  6-11-14 graduation 027Constance is an LPN and will be working toward her RN.  Consuelo will be working on her general studies with the plan to transfer to a four-year college later.  They are both enrolled in community college.

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