Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

HUD approves Demolition Application

The Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority has moved one step further on the path to realizing its Master Plan for redevelopment of its public housing inventory. On Friday, May 23rd, BRHA received a long-awaited letter from HUD approving its demolition application for the Bonham Circle public housing site.

The application, which was submitted in November 2013, provides for the demolition of the Bonham Circle public housing units in two phases.  Phase 1 includes the 39 units located in the 400 block of Oakview Avenue. It is anticipated that demolition of these Phase 1 units will occur during late 2014/early 2015.  Phase 2, consisting of 26 units located in the 600 block of West Mary Street, is not scheduled for demolition for several years.

“The first order of business,” says Dave Baldwin, BRHA Executive Director, “is to formally notify Bonham Circle residents of this approval and set up a meeting to discuss how this will impact their families. We expect letters to go out next week.”

Approval of this application is the first step in the planned redevelopment of the Bonham Circle site. Next steps include submission of a “Mixed Finance” application to HUD, which will allow redevelopment of the site to include a mixture of public and privately-financed affordable housing, followed by an application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits.