BRHA Five-year/Annual Plan
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BRHA Public Housing Program Applications Accepted Online Only
This pre-application is for Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority, which means that you will be
relocating to Bristol Virginia. 

Once your pre-application has been submitted you will receive a phone call and a letter stating your appointment date and time to begin processing your full application. 

You MUST come to Bristol, Virginia to complete the process or you will be removed from the pre-application wait list.

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In order to complete your on-line Pre-Application you must have the following information available for all household members:

Date of birth
Social Security Number
Income (source, amount)
Assets (source, amount)
Expenses (only applicable for elderly and/or disabled households)

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement for BRHA

The Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority will provide safe, attractive, affordable housing and housing assistance and the opportunity for families and others in need to achieve a higher standard of living.


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BRHA Five-year/Annual Plan


Each year BRHA is required to prepare and submit to HUD a plan that describes our programs and projects for the future.  In this two-part document the “Annual Plan” provides a certain level of detail about our planned activities for the next fiscal year (from April thru March of the next year).  The “5-Year Plan” provides more general information about intended activities over the next five years.  These 5-year activities are not “set in stone,” that is, they could change somewhat based on financial conditions or changes in priorities; but they are our best projection today of our direction for the immediate future.

BRHA is required to notify the public when a draft of our proposed Plan is available for public review and comment.  To comply with this requirement for the 2013-2017 BRHA 5-Year and Annual Plan, a notice was published in the local newspaper on October 28, 2012, announcing that on 11/05/2012 the PHA would make available for public review a draft copy of its 5-year and Annual Agency Plan.  A copy has indeed been available for review Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the office noted below since that time.

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Written comments from the public regarding the Plan may be made to the Executive Director by email, by regular post or by hand delivery to the addresses noted below.  In addition, a public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. in the conference room at the Housing Authority Office.  At that time, the Authority will receive and consider any and all comments prior to finalization of the Plan and submission to HUD.  Anyone wishing to make comments is urged to attend this hearing.

Send/deliver written comments to one of the following addresses:

Physical:       809 Edmond Street, Bristol VA 24201