Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Bristol Redevelopment and Housing Authority

BRHA to Celebrate Housing America Month

During October, housing and community development agencies nationwide will celebrate Housing America Month 2017. We want to tell others about the great work BRHA is doing to provide affordable, decent and safe housing in our Bristol community.

In 2007, Housing America was created and October was designated by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) as the annual month to collectively raise awareness of the need for, and the importance of, safe, decent and affordable housing in our communities. Events are held around the country by housing authorities, redevelopment agencies and government entities to spotlight the great works that have been done and the successes that so many residents have experienced. Sadly, there continues to be an unmet housing need for many of America’s most vulnerable. For additional information, click here.

Please join BRHA as we celebrate HOUSING AMERICA MONTH 2017 during the month of October. Watch this space for up-coming announcements and events being held by BRHA!!