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Bristol Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Development Projects

Bonham Circle being redeveloped to The Village at Oakview

In keeping with our Master Plan the next major public housing redevelopment project is at the Bonham Circle site. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved the demolition of the Bonham Circle units in May 2014.  The existing units are located on two distinct parcels separated by two blocks. The demolition will occur in two phases: Phase I will consist of the removal of 6 buildings comprising 39 dwelling units located in the parcel at 401 Oakview Avenue. Phase II will consist of the removal of 4 buildings comprising 25 dwelling units and 1 non-dwelling unit located on West Mary Street (see Bonham Circle Boundaries Map).

Over the Summer and Fall of 2014 residents from the 39 units at the Phase I Oakview Avenue site were relocated to other affordable housing. Demolition activity began by early March 2015 and has now been completed.

BRHA engaged an architectural/engineering firm to develop a site plan for the redevelopment of the site, as well as to design replacement housing that will be constructed at the new apartment complex. Plans call for the construction of 48 garden-style apartments; 24  2-bedroom and 24  3-bedroom units.   Click here to see the latest design info:

The proposed Phase I project, which has been named “The Village at Oakview,” is estimated to cost approximately $8 million. The primary funding for the new project will come from the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program.  BRHA was awarded LIHTC funding for the project on May 29, 2015.

The project is out to bid with a bid due date of mid January 2016.  We are currently working on the significant documentation that needs to be submitted to HUD to finalize approval under HUD’s Mixed Finance program.